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How do search operators work - Overview

Search operators overview

Operators are crucial for a successful search. Without the use of operators, delphai will show only results in the exact order of your search term.
In most cases, the use of operators leads to better results.

For detailed instructions on how to find the best search terms for your topic, please read our Finding search phrases step-by-step guide

Start your searches with a broad topic like:

3d printing

Combine more keywords with the connector and to narrow down the results.

3d printing and construction

With or you can for example connect keywords that describe a similar thing

3d printing or additive manufacturing

With not you exclude areas that are not within the scope of your search

3d printing not consulting

You can also combine multiple operators and use brackets to combine search terms logically

(3d printing or additive manufacturing) and construction

Best practices

Only use English search terms

Our search results are automatically translated into English, so using an English search term you will also find companies that only have websites in another language.

Language is ambiguous: Watch out for alternative search words 

Once you find 2-3 companies that fit your requirements, scan their websites for keywords that could be added to your search. Use operators to add them to your search phrase.

Enter acronyms in their original format

Without context, acronyms can be up for interpretation. For example, with electric vehicles, CPO is understood as Charge Point Operator but in marketing, it's Cost Per Order.

To refine your search, try using acronyms in their original format or couple them with another term for better results e.g. CPO and electric vehicles