delphai FAQ Support Center

I get no results and only see an empty page

If you consistently get no results in delphai there is a chance that our tool is blocked by your company's security software or VPN. 

One way to check this would be to either disable your VPN try to log in via another device e.g. your phone connected to a mobile network.
If it's working in that case it's likely a VPN issue and our domain needs to be whitelisted by your IT department (see below) 

Another way would be to check the network log in Chrome, here is a step by step guide:
1. Open delphai in chrome and right-click anywhere on the side
2. Click "Inspect" - this will open the DevTools window 
3. Select the Network tab in DevTools
4. Perform a search in delphai
5. Check in the network tab if any of the requests is red. (Please send us a screenshot of the red requests, so we can check if there is anything we can do from our side.)

What can I do if delphai requests are blocked?

If the red requests say anything like "Blocked by ..." it's very likely a VPN problem. 
In that case please reach out to your IT department and ask them to whitelist: